1.   What is the process to prepare Hydron?

Hydron is prepared through a patented Japanese technology by Electrolysis method using patented one of a kind Cylindrical titanium platinum electrodes.

2.   Does the brand add chemicals to make Hydron more alkaline?

Hydron has No Additives.

3.   What is the Difference between Alkaline and ionized water?

There are several differences between Alkaline water and Alkaline Ionised water.  Water can be made Alkaline by adding additives like sodium bicarbonate or lime to increase pH of the water.  Alkaline Ionised Water is made by process of electrolysis where the molecular structure of the water is broken and the water acquires pH between 9-9.5 as it’s fundamental nature and the water becomes micro clustered with a surplus of H+ ions. This water is far more beneficial than just Alkaline water

4.   Does the Alkaline Ionised water have any side effects?

The answer is no. There are no negative effects of alkaline ionised water when it is used for drinking. We advise to start consumption with 1 litre a day and slowly increase to replace all your daily drinking water intake.

5.   Is Hydron ionized?


6.  How much alkaline water shall I drink in a day? Is there a limit?

Ideal consumption is 1 litre per 30 kilos of body weight.

7.   Is Hydron safe if I have any allergy or disease, pregnant, etc?

Yes, it is perfectly safe, however, if one has any serious illness then it is always advisable to inform and consult with ones physician before change in any part of one’s diet.

8 .  How long does the water maintain its pH level in the bottle?

Hydron has a shelf life of 12 months, details on the bottle label

9.   How long is the pH level stable once the bottle is opened?

The pH level doesn’t drop below 8.5 even after keeping bottle opened for a year.

10.   Is Hydron available in any retail outlet?

Currently we are offering this through our website only. Soon we will be available at leading stores in Mumbai.

11.   Do you accept bulk orders for corporate events, weddings, parties, etc?

Yes, you can email us the requirement on info@hydron.in.

12.   What are the standard shipping speeds and shipping charges?

Shipping takes 2-3 days and there are no shipping charges (Mumbai only)