Hydron is the premium alkaline ionized water consumer brand in the country. Having worked in the water technology industry for over 50 years, the founder identified the first major problem in the form of absence of nutritious water that meets the increasing demands of lifestyle and diseases. Understanding the problem the father-son founder duo planned to launch alkaline ionized water in India. Alkaline ionized water has pH value in the range of 8.5-9.5, with greater concentration of hydrogen and is micro clustered, which helps in restoring body pH to the origin (at birth its ~7.5). Hydron has been conceptualized leveraging the best known Japanese technology that has been inventor and pioneer of water ionization invention having 50 years of experience and ~400 water patents. Hydron caters to various health benefits that include much faster hydration, overcoming acidity and constipation, anti-ageing, weight loss, increased energy reserves, enhanced immune system, lubricated muscles and joints, anti-oxidation, anti-hangover, reduced blood pressure, improved cholesterol, preserved minerals in bones and teeth.